Vamsi Pattamatta Vamsi Pattamatta Written by Vamsi Pattamatta, Over 15 years experience in end-to-end solution management which include identifying and solving technology business problems in smart metering.
on 19 Jul 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live and work. With social distancing norms in place, it is now crucial to rigorously sanitize our surroundings at all times to prevent the spread of the viru.

Unfortunately, regular disinfecting can be exhausting and daunting, and over time, some laxity tends to creep in. It was clear that sanitizing my gated community required some monitoring since people were becoming negligent. I was also deeply concerned about the safety of my family and fellow residents, as any carelessness in sanitization could lead to the potential spread of the disease. 

Inspired by Cyient’s culture and ethos of innovation, I decided to create an auto-sanitization equipment that would cover the entire body from head to toe. I put on my thinking cap and started exploring a viable and cost-effective solution, which would allow me to deliver maximum safety without denting pockets. I researched and procured essential equipment such as pneumatic nozzles, DC motor pump, motion sensor, AC to DC SMPS, and flexible pipes from independent vendors, and drew up a few designs. 

I finalized an inexpensive iron structure with plastic sheets on all sides. I further designed electronics to integrate the motor and sensor for automation. And voila! What I created was a rugged, yet, highly effective auto-sanitization tunnel.

Installed at the community’s entrance, the tunnel is strategically placed so that anyone who enters the society has to pass through it and automatically be sanitized from head to toe. The solution meets all necessary quality and safety standards and is cost-effective. Similar commercially sold machines cost up to ₹250,000. The auto-sanitization tunnel has attracted a lot of attention from neighboring buildings looking for affordable safety solutions.

It is truly heartening to see your creation help prevent the spread of the pandemic by keeping people safe. I am also at peace knowing that my family and community are protected, with every visitor to the community appropriately sanitized. 

The product is a validation of my strong belief in Cyient’s motto of “Designing Tomorrow Together.” When we, together, meet the highest standards of safety, reliability, and performance to solve problems that matter, Cyient shines a little brighter every day.

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