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Christina Avdikou Christina Avdikou Written by Christina Avdikou
on 11 Sep 2019

I enjoy working on technology projects that can have an actual impact on our everyday life. I was really excited when I got an opportunity to work with Cyient as an electronics engineer, designing and verifying analog integrated circuits for specific applications. Add to this was the fact that I got to work in Belgium, a country which has to its credit a thriving semiconductor industry.

For me, each day brings with it fresh opportunities to learn, explore, and grow—whether it is helping clients solve their most complex issues or working with an international team and discovering new cultures. Working with a diverse range of clients has helped to expand my perspectives and worldviews.

The team dynamic is an added bonus. The first few projects made me appreciate the diverse skills and capabilities each member brought to the table. Whether it is brainstorming on innovative solutions or socializing with them after work, my colleagues are also my friends and the comfort level we enjoy makes work that much more fun and invigorating.

I came to Cyient when AnSem, the company I worked with, became part of this large family—and there has been no looking back! Working here has helped me fulfill both my professional and personal aspirations, strike a healthy work-life balance, pursue my interests, and advance my career. So when I am not designing circuits, I get to spend some time developing my project management and leadership skills and contributing to the company’s Inclusion Ambassadors’ initiative. I’m passionate about reading—especially DC comics, books on psychology, and fiction — and travelling, as well as Pilates and swimming.

Cyient has lived up to all my expectations allowing me the freedom to experiment and evolve. And here I have found an inclusive environment to grow and advance my career.

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