Sateesh Kollur Sateesh Kollur Written by Sateesh Kollur
on 12 Jun 2020

The COVID-19 crisis has indeed been intimidating. While the early days of the outbreak were full of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty, it did not curb our spirits. As the world came to a standstill, it only strengthened our belief in ourselves. The lockdown challenged us to find innovative ways to maintain business continuity and deliver business results. 

With social distancing and work from home becoming the new normal, we have strived to remain connected. In this hour of need, we are together with each other, with our organization, and with our customers, who are from industries as varied as aviation to medical devices.


We, the Quality team at Cyient DLM, Mysore, utilized the lockdown opportunity to share each other's performance during the past fiscal year. We connected over WebEx to compare our performance in the last financial year with this year, in terms of deliverables, which included three major areas of focus—customer performance, supplier performance, and process excellence. 

We realized that despite several challenges, our performance was commendable. Some of the key customer accounts had witnessed a significant rise in the product acceptance ratio. Compliance with industry standards and regulations was also on par. New product introductions, first article inspections, and zero customer complaints from strategic customers were additional accomplishments. Besides, the biggest feather in our cap was the successful execution of World Quality Month 2019.

The team was encouraged by its performance and further driven to accomplish business goals. The exercise helped us realized our core strengths, and a clearer picture emerged of the areas we needed to focus on. Taking all these factors into consideration, we chalked out our goals for FY20-21. We further connected with each and every member to ensure they had a clear vision of where we were going and the role they can play in taking the company to the next level of growth.

With this exercise, we also addressed the queries and concerns of our team members, so they were well aware of the strategy and the road ahead in these unprecedented times. This was an excellent opportunity to demonstrate that we care for each other and reiterate the fact that we are in this together—supporting our work and family to stay safe in this pandemic.

With renewed energy, hope, and positive vibes, the team has stepped into the new financial year, confident of overcoming new challenges ahead of us and ready to achieve desired business growth. 

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