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Dr. Yajnaseni Palchowdhuri Written by Dr. Yajnaseni Palchowdhuri
on 14 Nov 2019

I started out working as a research scholar with ISRO, India, on the IGBP decadal land use database, now published and archived at the NASA Earth Data portal. After marriage I shifted to the UK to begin a new life and a new phase in my career. I joined Cyient in 2014 as a GIS digitizer during the peak phase of my doctoral research. A year later, I was promoted as a remote sensing analyst in the geospatial division.

The fact that I was able to balance my doctoral research with my professional obligations and also manage a promotion along the way speaks volumes about the flexibility of the work environment, and the kind of support Cyient extends to its associates in fulfilling their professional and personal goals.


I have the creative freedom to experiment, innovate, and develop new solutions. I love the work environment—the team spirit, technological flexibility, and learning opportunities.  


There is a wealth of opportunities to explore, and to grow, either through team interactions, or the external and internal training that the company provides. So there is never a dull moment—you are always pushing your boundaries. The best part of working as a geospatial specialist is working with real-world problems, data, and technology.


It has been an enriching and satisfying journey so far. During my time here, I have published our work for RPA in an international Cambridge University peer-reviewed scientific journal in 2018. Add to this, I have also been able to pursue my passion: I am a trained Indian classical dancer for the last 14 years and have recently joined the Bhavan, London, to reconnect to my roots.

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